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Extra Large Spoons

The handles on the lathe turned spoons wooden spoons are no less fine than the spindles on this antique spinning wheel.


3 foot lathe turned spoon-$220
2.5 foot lathed turned spoon-$190
2 foot lathe turned spoon-$150
These spoons are shown in the photo.

Regular Spoons below are not shown
3 foot regular spoon-$140
2.5 foot regular spoon-$110
2 foot regular spoon-$90

All six of these extra large spoons are available
in Maple or Cherry.

Extra Large Spoon
Qty: Price: $220
Wood Type:


2 foot and 3 foot wooden lathe turned spoons
(click to enlarge)
3 and 2 Foot Lathe Turned Spoons
Displayed in Maple
When you need an extra large wooden spoon with a long reach for stewing tomatoes or making spaghetti sauce, this spoon should be just right.  19 inches in Length. Maple or Cherry.

Jumbo Spoon
Qty: Price: $48
Wood Type:

19" Jumbo Wooden Spoon
(click to enlarge)
19" Jumbo Spoon
Shown in Cherry

Sometimes you need a large draining spoon, like when you are stewing tomatoes and just want to drain some of the liquid from your food. 19 inches in Length.

Jumbo Draining Spoon
Qty: Price: $52
Wood Type:

(click to enlarge)
19" Jumbo Draining Spoon
Available in Maple and Cherry
This stirring or serving spoon has many good alternative cooking purposes, one of which is a campfire spoon. 16 inches in Length.

Large Spoon
Qty: Price: $38
Wood Type:

16" Large Wooden Spoons
(click to enlarge)
16" Large Spoon
Displayed in Maple

16 Inch Pointed Spoon
Qty: Price: $38
Wood Type:

Right or Left Handed:

 (click to enlarge)
16 inch Pointed Spoon
Maple or Cherry



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